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How to buy credit report in Malaysia, FAQ

Purchasing Reports 

How to purchase?

1. First you must register. Once you have an account, proceed as follows:
2. Enter the name of the company or Company ID into the search field
3. Choose the Business Information Report
4. Choose the delivery option and click on "Buy Now" 
5. Download the requested Business Information Report (wait some minutes before proceeding with download) 

Can I purchase a Malaysian Credit Report? 

Yes, you can. You can become a subscriber of CRIF OMESTI. Upon subscription, you will be granting the access to purchase the Malaysian company credit report.

Please contact the Customer Care at to become a subscriber. 

How to look for a company?

You can search for a company by entering Company Name / Local business identifier. Select the search mode with the cursor and enter company data in the search box. The result of the search will be a list of names or directly the company card, you can select the report of interest.

If the result of the search is negative, make sure you have entered the correct data or use an alternative search key. If searched company is still not present among search results, please use investigation form to Submit Report. 

Is it possible to buy a single report?

CRIF Business Information allows you to make individual purchases of Reports by credit card or Paypal without necessarily having a subscription.

How to request a Business Information Report?

  • Search the company by entering Company Name or Local ID in the search box
  • Select the name from the potential search results
  • From the company detail page select the report that best suits your needs
  • Login
  • Go to the cart and click on Continue to complete the purchase
  • Click on "Inbox" to Download it in pdf format.

Are the purchased reports available immediately?

The Reports are available in few minutes in the "Archive" section. You will receive a Report Delivery Email with a link to the Archive. To view them, log in, click on "Archive" and find your orders. See details clicking on the arrow and download the report clicking on the icon.

I bought the same Report by mistake, what should I do?

If you have erroneously been charged for the Report twice, write to Customer Service indicating the email address of your account, the date of purchase and the company data requested.


Instructions of use   

Where do I download the invoice for my purchase?

The invoice will be sent to you via email at the address used during registration. If you need support write to Customer Service.

If I have lost my password, how can I request it?

If you have lost or forgotten the password to access, click on the Login section of the menu and click on "Forgot Password" by entering your email address. Follow the instructions to set a new password.


Business Information Reports

What is Business Information Report?

Business Information Report provides company identification and highlights, risk and payment information, relevant events, financials information, management, business structure, activity features, real estate and press information (individual items included only when available). 

How much does a Business Information Report cost?

Search for a company to display report prices. 

What is the content of each Report? Can I have an example?

To know the information contained in our Reports and download a sample, you can consult the Products page.


Authentication and Self-registration

Is the registration free?

Registration does not involve any cost and it is without expiry. It allows you to enrich your Business Research with additional data and buy Reports. Enter a valid email address, which will allow you to confirm your subscription and activate your account.

What can I do if I do not receive the registration confirmation email?

If you have not received the link to confirm your registration by email, please write to Customer Service.

After registration, is it possible to change the data entered?

To change data contact the Customer Service.