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Malaysia Company Profile

Malaysia Company Profile is available instantly with real-time information from SSM - Companies Commission of Malaysia.

It offers updated company information from the company registry . It can be used for verifying and preliminary check on a subject company or business with its current status. It is often used as the alternative report to SSM ROC and ROB report.


  • Identification and Firmographic: Basic company information such as registration details (legal form, registration number, address), industry code and all related details that classify companies
  • Capital and Shareholding Structure: Full view of the current capital and shareholding structure.
  • Company Structure: Shareholders and Management
  • Financial information: Five-years financial comparative view and financial ratios
  • Registered charges: Charge registered in SSM as part of the regulation of Companies Act of Malaysia, 2016 wherein all companies must register the charge to SSM.Charge is the security that gives to creditor to secure repayment of loan.