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MY CRIF Report

MY CRIF Report is an online report that available instantly with the live data retrieving from the public registry Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or Companies Commission of Malaysia and processing through CRIF BI methodology to provide an instant view of the company performance.

It offers an instant view of a company, providing updated and adequate information for your business decision making. It is typically used for customer onboarding (KYC) purpose, preliminary research about a prospect, or periodic review on your portfolio whether it is customer portfolio or supplier portfolio assessment. The information ranging from its identification and firmographic, capital structure to its shareholders and management team, filings and financial highlights and financial performance analysis, with a digital risk assessment scoring. 

Real-time information from SSM, with 5 years financial comparison.



  • Identification and Firmographic : the registration information is useful to verify a company whether is officially registered as a legal entity. It includes the background information, legal form, its address,  line of business together with its industry codes. 
  • Capital and Shareholding Structure : it provides the full view of the current capital and shareholding structure. 
  • Board of Directors and Officer: this is the official registered board of directors and officer of the company, which may includes the company secretary, managers and receiver or liquidator that are appointed officially. Besides, it provides the identity information, date of appointment and the age of the directors. 
  • Financial information: with Five-years financial comparative view, contains balance sheets and profit and loss details, alongside with the financial ratios to evaluate its financial strength.
  • Register of Charge: this is the official charge register that recording a list of assets or properties that is charged to a financial institution for credit facilities. It is required by the Companies Act of Malaysia, 2016 that all companies must register the charge to SSM. 
  • Risk assessment: it is evaluated using CRIF experts scoring model that has been deploying in various countries in the region. The risk assessment provides an insights of the subject performance in the context of financial and non-financial consideration. 

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